Photographs by Nele Daems Photography

Women Circles

Women who gather are as old as womankind. They passed on wisdom from generation to generation, carrying, hearing, and supporting each other. Growing up in a patriarchal society we’d forgotten about this sisterhood.


In the women’s circles, we connect with our collective womanhood again. The circles are a safe place where women of all age and heart hold space for each other. We share, we listen and we get creative to open the gates to our natural feminine world.


Women who gather to hold space for each other is healing beyond measure. That’s the magic of the circle.



• courageous conversations
• oracle cards for metaphorical guidance
• guided creative exercises to translate the inner world
• Storytelling & Female archetypes
prices and duration depend on the type of circle and whether the circle takes place online or on location.
• wisdom circle 
• nurture circle 
• Feminine – masculine ways of living circle 
• theme circles 
circles organized on location include: tea, snacks, materials and a souvenir