Photograph by nele daems

storytelling – writing

Sharing stories is an age-old tradition. We’re cultivated storytellers, it’s how we’ve been passing on wisdom and knowledge for centuries. Stories interconnect us all. 


As a motivational speaker, I share my own story. A story about a girl that struggled to become a woman because she didn’t feel safe. About experiencing loss and grief, death and rebirth. Life is a quest, bumpy and full of thorns but rather than victimize you it invites you to grow. To discover your strength, bravery, and resilience and to guide you towards a more authentic life. 


As a storyteller, I believe in the power of our imagination. How folklore and fairytales hold great metaphors for the situations in our daily lives. How they can make the invisible seen by touching your soul. I’m convinced stories are a magical tool on your way of becoming whole. 


As a writer I capture thoughts, feelings, and energies in words. Growing up, I had to deal with things that kids shouldn’t have to deal with.. I did not know how to cope with it all, so one day, my grandmother gave me pen and paper and settled me down underneath the walnut tree. I started writing that day and have never stopped since. Writing became the one thing I could always rely on and I’m grateful beyond words that I’ve been given the chance to share my poems, stories, and quotes with you.


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