Photograph magic in motion


This is where my passion for aesthetic storytelling, travel, creating vibes & capturing moods comes together. A playground for my poetic soul were it can make magic, meet people, go places and create harmony.


From living room concerts to art & music festivals, from cozy dinner parties to outdoor dance fests, and from intimate rituals to retreats.. I love creating the right moods for the right purposes and can’t wait to create – capture – organize & host many more. 



  • creating concepts –
  • organizing, styling, and hosting –
  • finding the perfect location & partners  –  
     – for all your : events, shoots, retreats & projects
*I’m conscious about our earth so I’m trying to work with materials, products & brands that are circular, environmentally friendly or produced by local organizations – as much as possible. 
*I work closely together with amazing people who have a sustainable, conscious & creative mindset. Chefs (organic – plantbased) , florists, locations, photographers, artists, coaches…