concept creator

From an early age, my wide imagination and sharp intuition gave me the feeling that in this world anything is possible. People called me a dreamer and I believe I am. In fact, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love being a dreamer because dreaming is the first phase of every great concept, idea, or project that has ever been born into existence!


Over the past 10 years I gained lots of experience in the workfield. Throughout all those opportunities and collaborations I discovered that my wide imagination and sharp intuition are also the strengths in my professional life. Thanks to my imagination I can think creatively and enthuse people into the possibility of an idea. My intuition allows me to connect all the dots, from heart desire to purpose to outcome.



  • help you turn dreams into concrete ideas & plans
  • connecting the dots : purpose, vision & action 
  • coordinate brainstorming sessions
  • create harmonious teams – right people right place
I’m looking forward to walk with you in creating, growing, boosting, or redesigning your project or business.